Saturday 9th May 2020 11.30am – 6.00pm, Toronto, Canada

De:brief 2020 is the essential post-Unite event for Partners working at the forefront of the Shopify ecosystem.

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A letter from Keir: Cat, I've Had an Idea!

Some of the best ideas start with a "what if", a throwaway thought shared over a coffee that somehow ends up turning into a reality. De:brief 2019 was no different.

The Shopify Economy Panel at De:brief 2019
The Shopify Economy Panel at De:brief 2019

Life After Shopify

At the end of 2018 I moved on from Shopify. It was an amazing journey but after almost seven years I felt the need for a change. I knew I wanted to remain earning my living in the ecosystem and in early 2019 I started to work with Shopify focused agencies and app companies — many of which I had the pleasure of collaborating with during my time at Shopify.

Through our work together I gained a whole new perspective of the ecosystem. With Unite on the horizon I wondered what a gathering after the conference could look like, if for nothing else than to bring those working at the forefront of the ecosystem together in something resembling a formal setting to discuss the big announcements and the impact it would have on our businesses.

It's Good to Talk

I spun the idea by long time collaborator Cat Hunter and after she agreed to lend her well-honed event production skills to the mix, De:brief 2019 was born.

150+ Partners Attended
150+ Partners Attended

It was to take the form of a community focused half-day event featuring panels which would discuss and disect everything from themes and frontend to the app economy and beyond.

De:brief — The Definition of Community
De:brief — The Definition of Community

A venue was found, baristas sourced and deposits paid — it was happening. Events don't seem real until the first ticket is sold, so we must say a big thank you to Craig Cooper who took the plunge and became our inaugural ticket purchaser!

Amazingly, another 149 of you joined Craig (with many more our waiting list) and helped us put on an event that exceeded all our expectations.

We're Back in 2020

The feedback for our inaugural event was overwhelmingly positive. Sure, there were things to tweak and improve but after multiple people asking if it would happen in 2020 we decided to take the plunge and commit to De:brief 2020.

Plenty of Time to Chat
Plenty of Time to Chat

We'll once again be at the Costume House on Saturday 9th May 2020 and look forward to welcoming familiar and new faces to the day.

Cat won't be in Toronto this year as she'll be back in the UK enjoying the last few weeks of her maternity leave with new daughter Betty. However, I'll be joined by another long time friend and ex-Shopify colleague Kieran Masterton.

De:brief is now part of Default

In 2020 Kieran and I launched Default — a "Partner first" company dedicated to building products and services for businesses working in the Shopify ecosystem. We are delighted to bring De:brief under this umbrella moving forward.

Founding Patrons

The inaugural De:brief genuinely was made possible by the very generous support of our 16 Founding Patrons. Their belief in the idea helped us host a very memorable and impactful day — please do them the courtesy of learning more about the work they do in our ecosystem.

See you in Toronto,
Keir — Bath, UK January 2020

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Our Founding Patrons

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